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So where does this leave the responsible self employed borrowers who needed these loans to live and operate their businesses?This leaves them with higher taxes. Should this bill pass self employed borrowers will be forced to claim more income each year on their tax returns in order to qualify for car loans, mortgages and even business loans. This will negate any of the loop holes and deductions they were promised in lieu of higher taxes. This means the government will rake in billions in extra revenue as a result of this bill. For example, lets assume that a small business owner claimed $40,000 in income last year after deductions and business expenses. If she was in a 40% tax bracket she would pay roughly $16,000 in taxes. Under the new banking guidelines that same business owner may have to claim $80,000 In order to qualify for mortgages, car loans and business loans. Assuming shes in the same tax bracket, she would now have to pay $32,000 in taxes. Multiply $32,000 by 23 million business owners and thats one huge pay day for Uncle Sam. You can bet that the Senators pushing this bill through congress are well aware of this left handed tax raise. You will never hear them mention it either, I wonder why?. You will hear about the naughty lenders that put good wholesome red blooded Americans in the street through predatory lending practices. You will never hear about the 20 million business owners who paid their mortgages on time and actually need these loans to stay in business. Whether you want to predict your future or prescribe an outcome of your choosing, you'll have plenty of company!Throughout history, we humans have tried many ways to predict the future, from reading palms to stargazing. Today, we refer to these as descriptive methods when we attempt to describe objectively what the future will be or could be. On the other hand, prescriptive methods focus on determining what the future should be. These techniques can help us clarify our preferences and values so we can create a vision of what we would like to see in our lives, businesses, or communities. Once we understand what we would like the future to represent, we're better able to take the actions required to implement it. Ideally, that future will align with our passions, gifts, and what we or our companies can really be the best at doing. This article suggests a two stage process for achieving that goal. First, Identify Your "Hedgehog Concept" So, what can you be the best in the world or at least in your community at doing?This thought provoking reflection is one of many from Jim Collins' "Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap. and Others Don't. " Collins' team examined 1,435 companies to see which ones made substantial gains in profitability and sustained those improvements over 15 years or more. Since the 1970s, only 11 companies had risen from mediocrity to greatness and stayed there topping many other prosperous firms that lacked the same staying power. Of eight characteristics these companies shared, all held an unshakable adherence to becoming the best in the world at whatever they did. Each company committed to doing only those things and nothing else.

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