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She has extensive fieldwork experience, having undertaken excavations at numerous prehistoric sites in that region. She has published widely on projects connected to pipeline and infrastructural projects, including urban regeneration schemes in Cork cityRose Cleary is currently working on the publication of excavations at 36 39, South Main St. , Cork undertaken in 2004/5. The site uncovered evidence of early reclamation in Cork that allowed for early Hiberno Norse settlement on the South Island. The excavation has produced several levels of Hiberno Norse and Anglo Norman settlement. Her other research interests are in field survey and in collaboration with Nick Hogan and James ODriscoll, Department of Archaeology, UCC a field project in the Lough Gur area of East Limerick has uncovered many previously unrecorded archaeological sites.

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Regulating content is not always censorship and should the image here be removed, which I believe it should be, would not be censorship. The second point is silly. So long as the article sites qualified sources some of which contain pictures of the act why should people require an image?Those who remain skeptical can always check the sources. Or do a google image search. My stance on this matter is that pornographic imagery yes, this IS a subjective phrase but, speaking objectively, a photo picturing direct simulation of primary organs is should not be portrayed unless necessary. Since the reasons for keeping the image are absurd a misplaced sense of defeating censorship and 'some people only believe what they can see' attitude the current text of the article suffices.

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